Places to look for apartments

As we know many of you are looking for new apartments to live in NY so below we have posted a list of places/areas were you can look

**Upper East Side
1) The Aspen in 1st Ave 100 St—1955 1ST Ave.
2) Normandy Court : is expensive for one resident but if you want to have roommates it is a good option.

**East Harlem
2)Riverton Square– 135 st with Madison and 5th Ave. Most Harlem Hospital residents some Lincoln Residents have lived there.
3)Lenox Terrace (more expensive out of them)

1) 2766 University Avenue, Bronx, NY
2) 3130 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10458

Residents with families: The residents with families do not tend to live in the city, so looking in the outskirts might be the better option for you and the school choices for your children.

**Astoria, (which is accessible by subway and we have many residents living there)

**Fort Lee (NJ), if you drive, or the surroundings is another option, with better schools.

**Yonkers is another option as well


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